Sorry for the looong absence. I haven't been doing much promotional work and I apologize if anyone has been sent to my empty(!) etsy store. With my sister's wedding last month, any extra work outside of that was basically swept to the wayside for the past 4 months. It paid off and we had a great time in Philadelphia.  I still can't believe my sister is MARRIED! I guess she'll always be my little sister in my eyes, not somebody's wife, as much as I love the guy. So now that I've had some time to recover, it's back to work for the holidays! I'm working on some new holiday cards, including some Chrismukkah cards. I can't wait to show you! 

Until then, I'll leave you with some pictures of the invite suite that I created for Jasmina and Andrew. See you soon!
11/3/2022 03:48:38 am

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    I live in LA. I make cards. And sometimes jewelry for friends. I have big dreams. Some of which involve sleeping and much as I want. Some people think I was a panda in a past life. These people are probably my amazing friends. 


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